What does SSL provide you?

Protect important & sensitive

SSL Certificates protect your customer's sensitive information (address, email, passwords, credit cards…) by encrypting the data transferred between them and your website.

Increase website reliability

From Oct-2017, Google Chrome will mark http website as 'not secure' in the address bar even in the Incognito mode. SSL is the solution to help your website get security trust seal and customer's confidence.

Boost Google search rankings

Google always favors high search position for https website. So SSL not only protects your customers but helps you reach more of them.

Why using Z.com SSL?

Strongest SSL encryption

Z.com SSL uses SHA-256 and 2048-bit encryption which is the strongest one in the market. It can completely stop all attacks from hackers.

Compatible with all browsers and devices

Our SSL is compatible with major browsers and supported all devices desktop, tablet and mobile.

Easy setting-up

Our My Z.com control panel is friendly designed to users. You can easily make settings for SSL.

Issued by GlobalSign

Z.com SSL is issued by GlobalSign - the Asia leading company in providing WebTrust-certified certificates authority.

Comparison of SSL Certificate types

Alpha SSL

Domain SSL

Organization SSL

Extended SSL SSL

Prove domain ownership
Validate organization
Address bar display
Strongest SHA-2056 & 2048-bit encryption
Issuance speed 3 mins 5 mins 1-2 days 3-5 days
Protect all subdomains (SSL Wildcard)
Protect www & non-www website
Security trust seals
1 year 1.175.000 VND 5.200.000 VND 7.500.000 VND 20.000.000 VND
Wildcard Option
1 year 3.575.000 VND 19.000.000 VND 21.000.000 VND