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Program certificates

Code Signing Certificates

Certificates for programs or applications to increase the security and confidence of those who want to install and use detailed programs. of the program who is the developer When was it made


Show information and details before installation

The details of the developer of the program are displayed. The name of the developer, organization, and the date and time of the latest update to ensure that users can be sure that the program to be installed is the correct program, authentic and safe, reliable

Timestamping Service

There is a timestamping to ensure that the program has the latest Developing or Update on the date and time that it knows the movement of the program to be installed. Users will have more confidence in the program because all the details are complete. and confirm that the program that is about to be installed is absolutely correct

Unknow Publisher is not displayed

Usually the installation of a program without Codedesign will show Unknown Publisher, which will create confidence for the person who will install the program. And it may be a program that has Virus or Spy embedded in our machine

Compatible with all devices

Certificates for programs or applications is designed to be compatible with all devices. And every operating system allows developers, whether they are programs on Windows, Mac OS, or will be applications on IOS or Android, can use this certificate.

Compatible with all devicesDownload

Installing the program security certificate It is statistically proven to result in higher downloads than uncertified programs. Because nowadays most users will choose to install only programs that have certificates for safety in use. and do not want the device to be used at risk of data hacking

Service details

The function of the certificate::

Standard code
signing certificate

Extended code
signing certificate


Price 1 Year
Price 2 Years
Price 3 Years

9,500 THB 7,600 THB
16,000 THB 12,800 THB
22,000 THB 17,600 THB

37,000 THB 29,600 THB
64,000 THB 51,200 THB
82,000 THB 65,600 THB

Information display on the certificate

Organization name details

Organization name details and the address of the organization

Remove security alerts "No app manufacturer information found on screen"

The certificate on the app for the date and time the app was produced will never expire. When an optional time certificate is installed to the app

Suggestions, and timestamps are on the app

Suggestions, and timestamps are on the app

Use unlimited number of signatures on the application

Compatible with all major platforms such as (Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe, AIR, Mac OS, Mozilla)

Compatible with Key storage

-Cyptographic USB token
(Must buy additional 5,000 THB)
-Other hardware storage token
-SD card or USB token

-Cyptographic USB token (Free giveaway)
-Other hardware storage token
-SD card or USB token

Microsoft intelligent notification system

Do not have


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