Digital Signature

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What is

Digital Signature?

Digital Signature is an Authorized Certificate Service that provides the recipient with the highest level of security for Email Messages, Software or Digital Documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) used in everyday business. It can be used when new clients and new sales cooperation agreements are submitted such as Financial Invoices, Purchase Orders, Legal Contracts online or need to be exchanged.

Digital Signature and Electronic Signature do not have the same function and effect. So let's take a look at the differences between Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures. image image
Electronic Signatures are subject to change. Digital Signature will not be able to edit your documents once it has been signed.
Using Electronic Signature is simple and easy. Digital certificates are easier to use and more disciplined and secure.
If a document is to contain information about the electronic signer, it must be kept separate. Digital certificates include details information such as the name, email, address and company name of who using the signature.
Can be used to verify the authenticity of the document. Digital Signature can be used not only for the documentation but also for email authentication.
Records are not easily displayed on Electronic Signature. Digital Signature can indicate information such as when and by whom a record was used.

The benefits of Digital Signature

  1. (1) Easy and Time-Saving instead of paper-based workflows.
  2. (2) Securing Electronic Document Workflows.
  3. (3) Securing and Protecting the copyright of the documents.
  4. (4) Can be sent the documents such as Financial Invoices, Purchase Orders, Legal Contracts within a short time. image image

Prove your IDENTITY with your email

Have you noticed that many phishing emails are sent by hackers every day? Have you noticed that phishing emails cost you a lot of money? Hackers are always sending you emails in various forms to gain credibility. To prevent this, Digital Signature can help you solve your problems.

The Digital Signature Certificate (Personal Sign) uses Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) technology, allowing the user to digitally sign and encrypt emails. However, encrypted emails can only be decrypted if the recipient uses the same Personal Sign Certificate or other S/MIME service as the sender. In addition, your name, email address, the company name will include in the e-mail you send. So you can also gain customer trust by viewing information such as address and company name. Because of these security features, we recommend that you use Digital Signature as an important security service in your business email.


Everyone can benefit from switching to Digital Signatures Service
instead of paper-based workflows signing for every business.

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