Z.com SSL Service Policy

This Z.com SSL Service Order (hereinafter, “Order ”) is provided by an integral part of the Master Service Agreement (hereinafter, “MSA”). The following terms and conditions shall apply to the Z.com SSL Service (hereinafter, “Service”) including but not limited to digital certification issuance, renewal, or revoke. This Order means the basic regulations on SSL usage for users, as defined in the MSA. The Applicant and Subscriber should read this Order in conjunction with the MSA which can be viewed at: https://cloud.z.com/mm/terms/ By receiving the Service, the Applicant and Subscriber shall be deemed to have agreed on this Order rules and to be bound by it.

1. Definitions

    Unless otherwise defined in MSA, the following terms used in this Order shall have the meanings as described herein.

  • (1)Applicant: The natural person or legal entity that applies for (or seeks renewal of) digital certificate (hereinafter, “Certificate”). Once the Certificate issues, the Applicant is referred to as the Subscriber.
  • (2)Certification Authority ("CA"): An organization that is responsible for the creation, issuance, revocation, and management of Certificates. The term applies equally to both Roots CAs and Subordinate CAs. This CA is managed by GlobalSign or an entity which is certified by GlobalSign to issue the Certificate to the “Subject”. GlobalSign is Applicant’s CA hereunder.
  • (3)Detailed Regulations:Any regulations, provisions, rules as described below, which the applicant and subscriber should read and follow with respect to each SSL Service.

  • GlobalSign Terms and conditions, and Policies on Repository:
       (1) GlobalSign Subscriber Agreement
       (2) Revocation Request
       (3) Warranty Policy
       (4) Privacy Policy
       (5) Terms of Payment
       (6) Refund & Cancellation Policy
       (7) GlobalSign Logo Usage Guidelines And
       (8) Other related Regulations to be applied as the case maybe
  • (4)GlobalSign: Company’s name of GMO GlobalSign whose main office is located in Tokyo, Japan, and who is the original issuer of the Certificate and CA owner
  • (5)Z.com: Short name of the company of GMO-Z.com ACE Co., Ltd incorporated under the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which is a reseller of GMO GlobalSign in terms of Certificate. And it also means the Brand name of its business herein.
  • (6)SSL: Short term of “Secure Socket Layer” meaning the protocol which enables data encryption on computer network communication. However herein, in the narrow sense, it means “SSL digital certificate for servers” which is an electronic authentication system utilizing this SSL technology. Digital certificate means by which consumers and businesses can utilize the security applications of PKI technology which enables secure e-commerce and Internet communication.
  • (7)Subscriber: The natural person or Legal Entity to whom a SSL is issued and who is legally bound by MSA and this Order rules. And it is the same meaning with “user” or “customer” of SSL service in the terms of MSA.
  • (8)Z.com SSL Services: Services of providing the Certificate to Subscribers to utilize it for their data origin authentication.

2. Terms and conditions

  • 2.1MSA and this Order
    The Applicant and Subscriber should read this Order in conjunction with the MSA which can be viewed at: https://cloud.z.com/mm/terms/ By registering for the Services, Subscriber is ought to acknowledge terms and conditions, and to agree to be bound by those provisions. And in addition, Subscriber shall be bound by Detailed Regulations.
  • 2.2Usage condition
    Other than the rule in 2.1, when Subscriber starts to use the Services, this Subscriber shall be deemed to accept all the terms and conditions of MSA, this Order and Detailed Regulations.

3. Z.com distribution

  • 3.1Z.com distribution
    Z.com has been granted the right to distribute the Certificate by GlobalSign to Subscriber and to sales partners.
  • 3.2Advance payment
    After acceptance of payment of applicable fees from Applicant, Z.com or a third party provider designated by Z.com shall provide the SSL services herein.
  • 3.3Piority on GlobalSign Subscriber Agreement
    In the event of any inconsistency between this Order and GlobalSign Subscriber Agreement, the terms of GlobalSign Subscriber Agreement shall prevail over the terms of this Order, to the extent of the inconsistency.

4. Compliance with regulations

  • 4.1Compliance
    Subscriber agrees to use the Services in accordance with applicable laws, other than Detailed Regulations.
  • 4.2Additional Regulations
    Z.com reserves the right to impose Additional Detailed Regulations applying to Subscriber.
  • 4.3Priority on Detailed Regulations
    In the event of any inconsistency between this Order and Detailed Regulations, the terms of Detailed Regulations shall prevail over the terms of this Order, to the extent of the inconsistency.

5. Personal Information

  • 5.1Subscriber agree that Z.com and GlobalSign shall handle Subscriber’s personal information in accordance with laws, and Z.com may provide Subscriber’s personal information to GlobalSign for the purpose of providing Services to Subscriber.
  • 5.2Z.com will not process any data about any identification of natural person that Z.com obtains from Subscriber in a way incompatible with the purpose and limitations described in this Agreement.

6. Fees and Services

  • 6.1Z.com defines the “Fee table” of each service on website separately.
  • 6.2Subscriber’s application will not be provided until Z.com receives actual payment of the service fee. If Z.com does begin the service prior to payment of the serviced fee, Z.com reserves the right to cancel that registration or restrict use of the SSL service until payment has been received.
  • 6.3Z.com defines each service on website separately.

7. Term

  • This Order shall commence on the date of the creation of Subscriber’s account of Z.com. It shall remain in full force during the length of the term of Subscriber’s usage as selected. When Subscriber choose to renew or otherwise lengthen the term of Subscriber’s service, then the term of this service shall be extended accordingly.

8. Subscriber’s Representations and Warranties

  • Subscriber covenants that:
       (a) Subscriber shall comply with this Order, Detailed Regulations and other applicable rules and laws, including those concerning trademarks and other types of intellectual property rights, as these may now exist or be revised from time to time.
       (b) Subscriber shall not use the Services in any way which violates or may violate a right of GlobalSign, Z.com or any third party.

9. Termination and Suspension

  • Z.com may, in its sole discretion, suspend, lock, modify, cancel or transfer the Domain Name and/or terminate this Order without notice, if;
       (a) Subscriber fails to comply with any term of this Order, Detailed Regulations or other applicable rules and Laws;
       (b) Subscriber’s use of the Service causes immediate harm to the public interest or Z.com, or violates applicable Laws;
       (c) Subscriber’s use of the Service is found to constitute an infringement or other violation of a third party’s rights; or
       (d) The Service violates any laws, the CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements, or guidelines.

10. Effect of Termination

  • Termination of this Order for any reason does not affect the rights and obligations of either party arising prior to termination. The following articles shall survive termination of this Order.
       - 4. Compliance with laws
       - 5. Personal Information
       - 6. Fees
       - 11. Limited Warranty

11. Limited Warranty

  • 11.1To the extent permitted by law, and except as otherwise provided herein, Globalsign disclaims all warranties including any warranty of merchantability and /or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • 11.2Z.com’s liability to the Subscriber shall be according to Warranty Policy of GlobalSign.
    *Warranty Policy
  • 11.3Otherwise, the warranty of the Service shall be according to the said article of GlobalSign Subscriber Agreement.

12. Modification

  • Z.com may, in its sole and absolute discretion, change or modify this Order, Detailed Regulations and any policies or agreements which are incorporated herein, at any time, and such changes or modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting to our website or upon notice. Subscriber’s use of the Services after such changes or modifications have been made shall constitute Subscriber’s acceptance of this Order as last revision.

13. Contact with Z.com

  • Customer acknowledges and recognizes that all contact with Z.com in the first instance should be made Live Help or via e-mail to support@gmoace.com.