• Ensure The Safety & Reliability Of Your Site
  • To get higher score for Google page ranking
  • To Prove Your Website Is Not Spam
  • Easy to setting up
  • Support by Laos staff
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What is SSL?

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the most widely deployed security protocol used today. It is essentially a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines operating over the Internet or an internal network. In today’s Internet focused world, the SSL protocol is typically used when a web browser needs to securely connect to a web server over the inherently insecure Internet. Technically, SSL is a transparent protocol which requires little interaction from the end user when establishing a secure session. In the case of a browser for instance, users are alerted to the presence of SSL when the browser displays a padlock, or, in the case of Extended Validation SSL, when the address bar displays both a padlock and a green bar. This is the key to the success of SSL – it is an incredibly simple experience for end users.

Why using Z.com SSL?

Create your SSL cetificate through the Control Panel

Z.com design the Control Panel with concepts of Convenient and Simplicity. For the Z.com SSL service, We are the first provider in thailand to let our customer can create SSL certificate by yourself without inform any information to the staff. Easier and Faster than the others

Prepare any required documents for our customers ( OV and Ev only )

We will prepare any required documents for the operation of SSL certificate just for SSL type of OV and Ev. Becuase customers more than 95% don't know how and never using, So it will be helpful and easy for our customers

Choose a convenient time to call the Audit identity

The special one from Z.com SSL only, Because we are the only one direct provider in Thailand, So our customers can choose a convenient time to identity.

Support 24 hrs by Thai staff specializing for SSL

Customers will have peace of mind in the purchase SSL with us because we are a company in Thailand. With SSL specialized staff for help in every cuase either purchase SSL, renewal, documentation, etc. Willing to help everytime

We are first SSL Provider in Thailand not reseller

We are direct provider in thailand, So we can generate SSL key by ourself, Faster and convenient than the others in every step of the operation, What is your SSL issue? We can solve your problems in any cause

Alpha SSL

Alpha SSL

Secure a single domain for business user. Only domain details are shown in the certificate. Quick issuance (Under 5 Minutes).

  • Verified domain name + https
  • Not Displays Organization name
  • Receive within 5 minutes
  • Warranty 10,000 USD

360,000 KIP/yr 288,000 KIP/yr

Organization SSL

Organization SSL

High Assurance SSL Secure a single domain for business user. Organization details are show in certificate Organization SSL certificates include business information to let visitors know that your site is belongs to your business, and is not a phishing scam.

  • Verified domain name + https
  • Displays Organization name
  • Receive within 5 Days
  • Warranty 1,25 million USD

3,105,150 KIP/yr 2,484,120 KIP/yr

Extended SSL

Extended SSL

Maximum security Visible trust with Organization detail shown in certificate Extended SSL is what the major financial institutions and large retailers have on their pages.

  • Verified domain name + https
  • Displays Organization name
  • Receive within 7 Days
  • Warranty 1,5 million USD

7,994,650 KIP/yr 6,395,720 KIP/yr

SSL Certificate Comparison Table


(Alpha SSL)


(Organization SSL)


(Extended SSL)

Issuance Speed

Issuance Speed by SSL type

5 Minutes 7 Day 10 Days


1 year

360,000 KIP288,000 KIP

3,105,150 KIP2,484,120 KIP

7,994,650 KIP6,395,720 KIP

SSL Options


1 year

990,000 KIP792,000 KIP

8,439,150 KIP6,751,320 KIP

( No available )

IP Addresses

1 year

( No available )

3,479,800 KIP2,783,840 KIP

( No available )

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